Financial Campaigns

We assist churches with financial campaigns through a detailed & strategic process.

Let us help!

We take a boutique approach to financial campaigns – we know when money is involved, it’s extremely important for the “why” to matter, the process to feel personal, and excellence & genuineness to be present.

It boils down to this – we know the topic of money is not always easy or fun, so we aim to maximize the ask. We know how much is at stake – the growth and expansion of the Kingdom – so we know how important it is that you get this right!

  • We help the church by framing the vision & goals.
  • Collaborate  on a sermon series to accompany the campaign.
  • Help create template for all communications and any administration necessary.
  • Develop a lay-team that creates increased involvement.
  • Create a campaign budget.
  • Assist the senior pastor with personalized key-giver meetings.
  • Develop framework for an early commitment dinner, and more.