Hire Staff

Lets Build an amazing staff together

We, as The Equip Group, are so excited to partner with your Church in getting to know you and your church, define your ideal candidate, and build your unique search for a new staff member. As part of this process, the first step will be for us to understand all things YOU!
You will help us by:
  • Educating us on your organizational identity – your mission, vision, values, beliefs, etc.
  • Providing us with in-depth organizational details ranging from your community to calendar
  • Collaborating with us to build out the role description & details for your new hire
  • Identifying what makes up your ideal candidate – including traits, skills, and your non-negotiables

*The information contained in this report is completely confidential. It will only be interacted with by members of the Equip Team and your team members you’ve granted access to.

The Staffing Timeline

Our typical outline for the staffing process schedule is as follows below. Our conviction is to never sacrifice the quality & excellence of this process by speeding up or slowing down! Our commitment is to determine what’s best together in any given scenario.
Week Of
Equip team member to tour Church
1 week in
Church & Role Questionnaire sent to Church
2 week in
Church & Role Questionnaire edited, approved,
& returned to The Equip Group
3 week in
Search goes public, filtering & interviewing of candidates begins
5 week in
Mid-Point Check-in call
10 week in
The Equip Group presents ideal candidates to Church
The schedule from here forward will be at the discretion of the Church leadership. We suggest moving as quickly as possible so interested (and marketable) candidates do not grow weary of the timing and accept another job elsewhere.
Within two weeks
Semi-finalists interview at your Church
Within three weeks
Finalist(s) return with spouse(s) for broader interviews
Within six weeks
Final offer extended and accepted

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